Mathildedal, Finland

Mathildedal 150 km from Helsinki located on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Hummelfjärden in the immediate neighborhood of the well-known Teijo National Park. The village Mathildedal and its surroundings offer for visitor’s pure nature, relaxation and of course, various sporting activities and other events.

The ironworks area of Mathildedal found its beginning as early as the 17th century, but the village of ironworks was formally established in 1852. At that time the founder patron Viktor Zebor Bremer changed the name of the village from Hummeldal to Mathildedal, after the name of his wife Mathilde Developed in the hilly topography the municipality of Mathilde has preserved its original charm despite modern construction activities to date and is one of the most remarkable national and protected former iron production areas.

At the highest point of the hill the manor house with its economic buildings was built in the mid-19th century. The workers’ houses west of these buildings emerged gradually.

The then planted trees on both sides of the village street characterize the village and constitute the longest oak street of Finland, the Matildan Puistotie – Street. This connects the village with the iron production buidings down at the harbor whose oldest dates from the 18th century.

In the late 1970s, the iron production was abandoned – the vitality of the village began to fade. Until then in 2003 the family Gustafsson decided to acquire the practical empty for 25 years standing building of the former iron production. These buildings have now continuously gently restored and makes available to the public. Tuula and Harri Gustafsson have made with the help of the entire family, from the once forgotten and ruined area an attractive destination. And this development work they drive continuously, so the place has preserved its original charm and rugged beauty.

The village and its surroundings Mathildedal now evolve in rapid steps further. Here are just some of the highlights that make a visit to Mathildedal a memorable experience:

  • The renewed port area of Mathildedal, Meri-Teijo Marina
  • The new National Park with its forests of Teijo, lakes and moorlands, the abundant wildlife and its left by the last Ice Age land back for hiking and to stay – here you can experience pure nature
  • Fishing, rowing, canoeing and swimming in the summer, ice fishing in winter on the sea and on Mathildanjärvi –Lake
  • Motor boating or sailing in the archipelago of Turku
  • Cycling on the extensive network of cycle paths in the national park and in the surrounding area
  • Motorcycling in varied landscapes
  • In the old renovated iron production facilities, a park-like area at the harbor, you will find in addition to a hotel, a cafe with a bakery, a restaurant and small shops and other small businesses – not to mention the sweet alpacas
  • Summer Opera, various concerts and theater performances
  • The village brewery and bakery offer local, culinary experiences
  • The restaurant Terho with his flair of the 50s have various cool and warm drinks on offer; a jukebox and karaoke nights and other events provide a casual atmosphere all year round
  • Summer night dancing on the open stage at Mathildanjärvi –Lake
  • Meri-Teijo Golf: an 18 -hole golf course (just 3km away)
  • Meri-Teijo Ski: skiing and cross-country skiing in winter; and in the summer a unique down-hill go-cart track in slalom offer lots of fun for everyone
  • And above all, here you will find peace!